Antique Promise Rings

A promise ring can be an excellent way to convey your love and commitment to your significant other. By adding a personal touch, such as a meaningful engraving, you can turn this special piece into a unique and cherished symbol of your relationship.

In modern times, many people choose to exchange promise rings before their engagement. Find the perfect ring for your partner from our extensive curated collection!

Art Deco Design

If she loves a sexy, streamlined look, you can’t go wrong with an antique Deco promise ring. This style, named after the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes in Paris, is characterized by geometric shapes and bold color. Black onyx and rock crystal are common adornments to add contrast to diamonds set in platinum. Emeralds, rubies and lapis lazuli also make beautiful accents.

Art Deco reinterpreted elements of the past while looking forward to the future. Geometric patterns, such as zigzags and chevrons, became commonplace, as well as stylized organic forms, like fern tendrils and flowers. You can even find a ring featuring the snake motif, which first came into fashion in Victorian times and has become synonymous with luxury jewelry.

The roaring twenties were an era of opulence and optimism, and the Art Deco style reflected this. It melded chic elegance with eclectic historical and national motifs and Machine Age forms for an effervescent decorative vision.

European Cut Diamonds

A promise ring can be given as a token of affection for someone you love or to express your commitment to a relationship. Regardless of what it symbolizes, vintage promise rings make for special gifts that will last a lifetime.

Although diamonds are a popular feature in engagement and wedding rings, they are less common in promise rings. Instead, most antique promise rings will feature alternative gemstones that hold sentimental meaning for the wearer and their partner. Gemstones like moonstone, rose quartz, and lapis lazuli are famous symbols of love and are perfect for creating a romantic promise.

Another unique option for a promise ring is an old European cut diamond. This vintage cut diamond predates the round brilliant cut and is characterized by larger, chunkier facets that prioritize dispersion of colored light. This gives old European cuts a distinctive charm that transports the wearer back to a bygone era of romance. These old diamonds look best in warm metal settings such as yellow or rose gold, which help highlight their intrinsic glow.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart shaped diamonds make a gorgeous choice for an antique promise ring. If you’re shopping for a heart shaped diamond, check that it has symmetrical lobes (the upper, rounded parts of the top of the diamond). Ideally, these lobes will look identical from all directions and not have any obvious different facets or variations in size.

A well-cut heart shaped diamond will have excellent light performance and shine. It may also appear larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight due to its unique shape. For these reasons, a heart shaped diamond tends to cost more than other fancy cuts.

Like other gemstones, heart shaped diamonds are naturally faceted. They’re also a little more porous than other types of diamonds and can show more color. It’s important to select a diamond with a good clarity grade when buying a heart-shaped diamond, especially if you plan on wearing it regularly. This will protect the point from chipping or scratching.

Unique Promise Rings

Many antique promise rings for couples use motifs and patterns that have romantic associations. They may be designed to resemble the shape of hearts or doves, and crossover rings are a popular choice because their design often resembles the common symbol for infinity – a popular representation of everlasting love.

These beautiful rings are also crafted in unique ways. For example, they can be inlaid with a stunning deep-blue trillion cut tanzanite gemstone. They can also feature halo designs that elevate their appearance and add a sense of sophistication.

It is important to remember that while promise rings are not engagement bands, they still signify commitment and a shared vision for the future of a relationship. They are not required to be presented at a specific moment, and it is up to the couple to decide when they feel ready to exchange them. It is also up to the couple to determine which finger or hand they would like to wear them on.

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